Breast Augmentation ... With Body Fat? It's Possible!

Breast Augmentation … With Body Fat? It’s Possible!

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Having a fully bio-compatible breast that maintains sensitivity and natural appearance, is the dream of all women who want to have a breast augmentation. Today this dream is a reality thanks to this technique in which is used adipose tissue of the body of the person who wants to have a bigger chest.

Compared with other techniques, autologous adipose tissue grafting has a number of advantages:

It is a tissue that the body knows and that makes it biocompatible and not allergic reactions.

In addition, the final result is most natural, i.e., there is no rigid chest as it can go through other techniques.

It preserves the sensibility. Touching the chest will have sensitivity just like when it is done without it being modified.

And something that sometimes we do not consider and that is very important is that the result is maintained the rest of the life and it follows the changes in the corporal weight.

It is much more economical than other breast augmentation techniques.

This type of treatment should be done in specialized clinics and with recognized professionals, such as Dr. Pedro Darnell who has been nominated the best plastic surgeon of Doctoralia Awards 2016,the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Barcelona  Quirón Dexeus and GIAH (Clínica Bofill ).

This technique basically consists of passing the fat from a part of the patient’s body to the chest area in order to redefine the morphological profile of the specific areas. The fat is extracted from areas where it is over and the patient wants to reduce it. For this purpose, finite canals are used to cause the least possible trauma. Another thing to keep in mind is that the fat does not pass from one area to another without first purifying it by techniques such as filtration or centrifugation. Beware of the sites that offer this service, inform you well before carrying out and do not submit to any intervention without first asking in person and confirm that it is a qualified center.

This method is indicated for the increase of volume of a breast (whenever they want a discrete or moderate increase), as in order to reconstruct the breast after the removal of a tumor, or to modify congenital or acquired deformities.

Breast Augmentation ... With Body Fat? It's Possible!Areas for lipofilling

Of course, people who want to undergo this treatment have to have enough fat in the areas of the body from which it is to be extracted in order to carry it out. It is usually done with belly fat, flanks or cartridge belts.

If the person does not have enough fat, this technique cannot be used because it is not possible to use the fat of other people. I would like to make an incision at this point because being thin does not necessarily mean that this technique cannot be performed, it will depend on the deposits of fat that can be extracted without it being harmful or leaving aesthetic sequels in the person.

The secret of lipofilling, in short, lies in the rational use of “raw material”, or body fat. Fat injections should be small amounts and implanted between the skin and the gland in the subcutaneous tissue without using the breast tissue to prevent the formation of calcifications or cysts.

For the increase of the breasts of a glass it is enough with a session and it is possible to realize more sessions if it is wanted to increase more size. For reconstruction in case of post mastectomy more sessions are needed, it will depend on the volume of the breast that has to be rebuilt. If you want to modify your chest after a treatment by radiotherapy, you will still need more sessions than in the previous cases.

As for the post-operative, the chest is swollen a few days, even in some cases may last a few weeks or months (although less frequent), then this inflammation is reduced and will remain the size that was intended.

It is also normal for the area in which fat has been added to be sore or to feel some discomfort for a few days, although it is not a sharp pain and can be alleviated with painkillers.

Other things that can happen after the procedure is that small mammary calcifications or cysts appear. That is why it is usually recommended that people who do this treatment should have a mammogram both before being operated on as a year later.

As for the relationship between this technique and the appearance of breast cancer that is being talked about by the networks it must be said that there is no scientific evidence linking lipofilling with an increased risk of tumors .

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