Summer, The Best Time To Start Taking Care Of Yourself

Summer, The Best Time To Start Taking Care Of Yourself

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August is the perfect month to change routines.

The heat, the summer activities, the free time, are perfect excuses to stop. Maybe what you need is just that: stop without any expectation, if so, enjoy it!

However, if you have the feeling of abandoning yourself for the rest of the year and you want to take advantage of it to recharge energy, these days can be the ideal time to put your routines in order, detoxify the body, disconnect the mind and increase your vital satisfaction.

During the year I develop coaching processes with many clients who want to leave bad habits, lose weight, eat better, balance their personal and work life, or begin to exercise, and one of the reasons for not doing all this that would certainly raise Exponentially your health level is as follows: The “LACK OF TIME”

I also hear other reasons…:

“I do not know what exercise to do, I do not know what I like, and it would be good”

“I do not have time to cook, to eat healthy”

“I cannot rest; I need to sleep from the pull”…

Summer, The Best Time To Start Taking Care Of YourselfThese are some of the reasons people are not only able to have, but to experience, to feel in their body that they live a “healthy life”.

But it’s August, there are no more “excuses”. We have free time and we can realize what truly recharges us of energy and identify all that (or those people) that rob it to us.

If you are determined to change, I encourage you to follow these steps:

  1. Take a sheet of paper and write down a list of routines that you would like to change this summer. Maybe you get more than 5 or 10 things. If so, I will ask you to select only ONE. One thing that if you got it in late summer would make you feels proud of yourself.
  2. Write THAT routine to which you want to commit. If, for example, you start to “exercise”, write below that goal, 3 active or active leisure activities that you enjoyed in the past, and more importantly, some new activity that has always seduced you but you have never dared to start.
  3. Choose ONE of these 3 options and lock an hour of the next day to start doing it. If it is running, it will help you to put the alarm clock a little before and go running (“with the fresh”). You can consult quick guides to start running, or request it in this mail; since it must begin progressively and maybe the first day only endure 15 minutes in a row. But this is going to change rapidly.

Ideally, repeat this new routine on alternate days every week:

As you will see the secret both to begin to get in shape, to meditate, to eat better, etc. Is to start with small objectives, to introduce CHANGES in a progressive way and that do not suppose a high demand for your unconscious, but that imply to experience little by little the pleasure of approaching your goal.

Wanting something is necessary to get it, but we already know what the popular saying “from saying to fact says, there is a stretch”. To save that distance, I recommend that before you get back into action, you ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you think that you consciously choose to smoke, to eat with disorder, to live in a sedentary way, to be stressed, etc.? If so, you can go ahead enjoying your life, but, if it is not the case…
  2. What physical, emotional, mental life habits are hurting your health?
  3. How would you like your lifestyle to be and what habits would you need to incorporate to be better?

“If I came to know that I would live so long, I would have taken better care of myself”

 If you want to achieve what you set out again and again without success, you need a support adequate support structures, discoveries and guidelines that will guarantee the permanence until the new habit is automated. To do this, it is necessary to consciously define the problem and break down the unconscious barriers.

  Changing a habit is not easy, nor will it depend solely on willpower. Instead, getting it will make you feel much better about yourself, self-esteem will rise and your life satisfaction will improve.

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