7 Ways To Love Yourself More

7 Ways To Love Yourself More

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As my yoga teacher says, everything that is practiced ends up dominating! If you have the habit of comparing yourself, judging and criticizing you will end up being very good at it. You will strengthen the habit!

What things do you practice with assiduity? What are the messages you repeat yourself over and over again? Do they support you on a daily basis or hurt you?

Everywhere we are bombarded with messages that tell us that we are not thin enough, that we are not young enough, rich enough, or good enough. And we try to achieve that “success” anyway; winning temporary triumphs that in the end do not make us feel satisfied.

Buying these messages from TV, magazines and centers often leads us to have irrational beliefs about what will give us happiness or true health, when in reality are very unrealistic. In the case of the image are sold magazines that distort and generate very negative feelings about our body, who we are and who we can become.

7 Ways To Love Yourself MoreRepeating these messages reinforces unconscious standards that undermine self-esteem, generate guilt, shame and the feeling that we are unworthy of the things we want so much.

And most important, it makes us postpone our life until we get that right weight or we have a beauty standard that ends up consuming our energy, our money and our time.

And although you may fear that accepting yourself as you are now, at this moment, is going to prevent you from changing I have realized that what happens is quite the opposite. We care about the things that matter to us.

Here you will find 7 ways to practice self-acceptance

  1. be aware: Our habits are acts that we repeat unconsciously. When you begin to realize that you are comparing yourself, judging or criticizing, make a soft change towards self-acceptance.
  2. Practice: Repeat the step over and over, no matter how many times it takes until you check it becomes a habit.
  3. Release the judgments: Remember that all bodies have their beauty, including yours.
  4. Be your own friend: When your little inner your smile starts saying unpleasant things to you, ask yourself, “Would you say the same things to a friend?” If the answer is no, do not tell yourself. Let me go a little further. Realize when you are judging others by their height, shape, age, etc. And practice acceptance and compassion towards them.
  5. Free yourself from the stigma of weight: We all have the right to be seen and heard regardless of our body size. Bias and prejudice are cruel and destructive, they are not useful. Do not participate in those conversations or better yet, challenge them!
  6. Connect: Your body is giving you a continuous flow of information about what you need. Pause to listen.
  7. Live intensely: Use the clothes that make you feel good, do the things that make you feel brave and make the decisions that make you happier.

Remember! You are better at everything you practice.

When you choose to practice self-acceptance, compassion and kindness with yourself and with others, you find much more peace, courage and joy for your days. That is a good habit that is worth practicing!

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