Health Trains In Every Small Decision

“Health Trains” In Every Small Decision.

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For a long time in this blog we have been expressing the importance that our behaviors have for our health that we repeat on a daily basis.

“Will this benefit me that I am eating? Have I slept enough today? How long have I been without moving from the chair?” Are questions that you probably ask yourself more than once a day?

But worrying about something is not the same as taking care of you!

Each of the small decisions we make, brings us closer to greater or lesser health.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to what we do, how we perceive ourselves, etc.

This week I attended the presentation by Nestlé of the results of the “II Nestlé Observatory of Nutrition Habits and Lifestyle of Families” and the presentation of the program “Health is Training” and the experience was very positive. The first thing that surprised me was the commitment of a company like Nestlé to build good nutritional habits, without  any  promotion of their products and with messages away from traditional marketing,   as well as with real useful tools. Hopefully, this trend that we are slowly seeing will consolidate and as a society we will definitely become aware of the importance of “training our health”, which is nothing more than being aware of the decisions we make, and choose accordingly.

According to this study there are important differences between the perception and the reality of our nutritional habits. Spaniards use all kinds of excuses to justify the reasons why we do not feed well enough. What we believe we do may be far from reality.

Health Trains In Every Small DecisionAnd the fundamental reasons are two:

  1. An apparent lack of information. That is, the reason some people do not care enough is that most of them are not aware that their habits are not the most appropriate.
  2. The excuses we put to not comply with the healthy habits we know would help us take care of ourselves

And we go with the concrete data:

Excuses for not eating well

In the area of ​​nutrition, excuses are repeated for most healthy foods that are not consumed are: “I have no habit”, “I do not always have at home”, “I forget”, “I prefer to eat another food” or “It makes me lazy”. The first three refer to the lack of planning, which was already published in the I Study of the Nestlé Observatory, published in 2014: 82% of households improvised the weekly menu or planned it at short notice.

Other excuses for not caring

Almost 50% of Spaniards claim to walk a minimum of 30 minutes a day. However, among those who do not, 36% put as an excuse that “he does not have the habit”, 29% because he has no time and 20% because he uses the car, motorcycle or public transport to get around.

Rest and stress

And in relation to rest, the Study shows that Spaniards slept an average of 7 hours during the week and 8.2 hours at weekends. However, one in four sleeps less than 7 hours. The main excuses we declare for not enjoying quality rest are the following: “I am missing hours” / “stress” (39%) and difficulty in reconciling or maintaining sleep (29%). In all of them, women reach higher percentages than men. During the week, 19% of women and 37% of men (49% over the weekend) take a nap.

Dr. Estivil commented on the importance of having a quality sleep and at the right time, as a basis for good health in the same way as exercise or good nutrition.

It is curious because generally, we sacrifice hours of sleep without being aware of the priority that is for our health. “Health is being trained” Finally, two very useful tools were presented to incorporate healthy habits, the “Family Plan”, which is postulated as a 12-week plan To educate and raise awareness through 3 pillars: food and nutrition, physical activity and healthy habits. What I liked the most was the possibility of making a fairly complete diagnosis of the habits of the whole family. Because to be aware, as we say many times in health coaching, it is crucial to know where I am. The second, the “Menu Planner”   that allows to plan and construct balanced menus in a quite complete way. As I was saying, it is pleasantly surprising that it is not a marketing tool featuring Nestlé products, but really is a useful tool to help plan healthy eating. Planning, making the right purchase, having healthy products at home, thinking ahead and not leaving it to the last minute, is a behavior  that helps build healthy habits. In short, a rewarding and enriching day, under the general concept “Health is training”. Because if health is trained, who better than a Health Coach to accompany you on that trip?, to help you identify your excuses that keep you away from that healthy life and establish strategies that allow you to overcome them? That is my mission: to accompany you to find your “healthier self”, you sign up? To help you identify your excuses that distract you from that healthy life and establish strategies that allow you to overcome them? That is my mission: to accompany you to find your “healthier self”, you sign up?

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