Salmon Cake

Salmon Cake

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Salmon cake: presentation

The salmon pie with loaf of bread has become a classic of many celebrations. Whether it’s Christmas or another family get together, preparing a salmon pie comes great because it does not need cooking and can be left prepared in advance. This saves us a lot of time, but also, the result is a very colorful and delicious cake.

Perhaps among your own, there are some who do not want to eat salmon, for them I will leave you at the end a recipe of salty pie irresistible.

Salmon CakeIngredients:

  • 10 slices of crust less bread
  • 200 g of salmon
  • 200 g of crab sticks (surimi)
  • Sliced cheese
  • 4 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 4 lettuce leaves
  • 150 g of stuffed olives
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 lemon
  • Salt

Salmon Cake Recipe Preparation

  • Chop the surimi sticks in the chopper or with the knife. Cut the lettuce in julienne and cut the olives stuffed with anchovy to small slices.
  • Pour lettuce, surimi sticks and olives into a bowl. Add two tablespoons of mayonnaise and mix. If you want it less caloric, use a light weight. Mix well.
  • Place a transparent film of kitchen of the mold and make a good piece of both sides. Place a layer of bread slices mold covering the bottom, cut slices to fit the shape of your mold if necessary. Use the mold you have, I’ve used a plum cake mold.
  • Spread the bread with a little mayonnaise. If you help with a silicone spatula, it will be very easy, if you do not have it, distribute the mayonnaise with a spoon. Put a first layer of salmon, cover with a few slices of cheese and distribute half of the previous mixture on top of the cheese. Make sure that the filling is level and smooth.
  • Place another layer of bread, grease with mayonnaise, cover with salmon, cheese and the rest of the filling. Same as in the previous floor. Finish with a few slices of bread. Fill all the holes with breadcrumbs, so that the base of our cake is firm.
  • Press the cake a little and close the two wings of film paper that you left leaving the mold. Keep in the fridge for an hour. If you prepare it the day before, leave it in your refrigerator until the moment of decorating it.
  • To unfold, open the film and place the tray where it will serve on top of the mold. Turn it over and center the cake well on the tray, before removing the mold. Remove the mold and leave the film. Remove the film carefully. Now you are ready to decorate it.
  • Cover the whole cake with a little mayonnaise, very little, huh! Place a slice of salmon on top. You can cover the sides, but remember that there is a lot of salmon inside. Lay sliced avocado slices on the sides. Surround the whole cake with a few leaves of lettuce or tender shoots. You can finish with granite grenades. If you do not have them, you can put cherry tomatoes or raspberries. And now to enjoy it!

If you want to prepare marinated salmon at home, I leave this homemade salmon recipe very easy here.

For those who do not want salmon cakes, it is best to prepare one of these 6 cake loaves for celebrations here.

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