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Patients often ask me about the efficacy of certain treatments, such as acupuncture or a particular treatment technique. Many times we focus too much on the patches and little to solve the causes that have led us to have the injury.

Imagine a gentleman who goes to the doctor because he has a big toe swollen and wants to be given the most appropriate treatment to cure as soon as possible. Speaking to the gentleman, it turns out he has a habit of kicking a closet to close a door that gets stuck. Which is the best treatment? Cure your finger with a fantastic anti-inflammatory treatment or convince you of the disadvantages of kicking a door? It seems logical to tell this gentleman to stop kicking the closet. The reality is that if you stop, your body will heal the finger.

PreventionIn this example we are quite clear but in real life we ​​complicate everything. Few people ask themselves “what am I doing wrong to make my back hurt?” And most, yes, want treatments to cure their ailment.

The most important thing to correct a situation is to know everything that has led to it. Learning not to harm ourselves is without a doubt the most healing thing. If we do not do this, there are no treatments in the world that will rid you of the discomfort because every time you will be worse.

Unfortunately we humans are a bit of a joke and we want someone to give us a potion that will cure us all ills and also that potion is good, cheap and give us quick. That’s why it has many more fans if we offer a back massage to explain a certain exercise.

It is not uncommon to see patients who have done it all wrong in life and who have ended up with back injuries. With “all evil” I mean an obese, smoker who has made continuous efforts in his work with unacceptable postures for the back, with stress, poor diet, etc. When you get this patient to the consultation wants a solution for your back because it hurts. Is the solution a massage? acupuncture? a surgery? It seems clear what the solution is, but believe me, almost nobody wants the long and expensive solution even if you mark the way. The most demanded is the quick patch that I take the pain to continue doing everything wrong.

The things that are worthwhile in life cost a little effort, are slow crops that bear fruit in the medium term, are not of immediate effects.

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